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Thread: Server not working properly

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    Server not working properly

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    (slightly edited language for better explanation, hope that's what OP means)

    My server works okay at startup. I can access the webmin cpanel from another PC using server's IP and I can also connect to it using Putty but...

    1.When server goes down - Server is physically (locally) working but I can't get the webpage on another PC using its IP.

    2. Hardware : AMD Atholon 2 processer and Asus motherboard

    3. I am just running the Webmin Cpanel for learning

    4. It goes down all by itself, after a few minutes of working fine.

    5. After reboot it works fine again but same problem happens again and again

    Any help would be appreciated!

    I got frequently my server getting down after reboot only it will working, I am using 11.04 and upgraded to 12.04 but same problem is exit any one help me to fix

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