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Thread: Unable to Install 12.10 [gfxboot]

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    Question Unable to Install 12.10 [gfxboot]

    I'm attempting to install Ubuntu 12.10 (32-bit) on a Toshiba NB255. Ubuntu has worked in the past.

    I'm installing from a USB drive and I've verified that it works on another laptop.

    When I boot I get the error:
    graphics initialization failed
    Error setting up gfxboot
    This post from 2010 says to type "help" then press enter and the installer will proceed as normal. That did not work, it repeats the error:
    No DEFAULT or UI configuration directive found!
    Any ideas on this?

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    Re: Unable to Install 12.10 [gfxboot]

    From what I have read around, only Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10 can run on it, with rare success stories of 12.04 and 12.10. Some of those suggest change bios settings like Graphics form onboard to PCI, others involved changing sata values. You can try those if needed.

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    Re: Unable to Install 12.10 [gfxboot]

    Thanks for your help. I updated the BIOS to the latest, v1.90. That didn't help. I also tried changing the limited SATA options. There are no graphics settings. Nothing works. The BIOS is really limited so trying nearly every possible combination wasn't hard. I guess I'll stick with 10.04.

    Thanks for your help. If anyone gets it to work I would be interested to know how.

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