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Thread: PGP key signing parties - Organize one here

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    Arrow PGP key signing parties - Organize one here

    I guess I'm about ready to get mine signed, but has very little action. It's not urgent, but the sooner the better, I guess.

    I'm guessing that most corporate/office types just pass the paperwork over the top of the cubicle....? So it's probably just the solo/independent/loner types like myself that would need to......'party' down!

    Anyway, I'm in Columbia, Mo, USA. My car is not dependable enough to drive out of town, so I'm looking to organize one here. This city is big enough; over 100K with the student population....shouldn't be too hard, I would think.

    Anyone in this area interested?

    For other areas, please chime in, maybe we could make this kind of a catch all thread, and maybe even link up with other Linux and Computer forums. (On a side note....having a Linux distro as a hub for organizing regular key singings would garner more publicity for the OS!....might be something to seriously consider!)

    Does everyone think there would be enough regular demand to hold weekly meetings in medium to larger cities? At least monthly I would think, if not biweekly.

    In Columbia, we have a decent sized mall, with the cafe court probably being a good place to meet.

    Even though I would probably only need the one key, I could probably still come to the meetings on occasion to help beef them up a bit.

    Opinions? Offers? Meetings already planned you'd like to announce? Speak up!

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    Re: PGP key signing parties - Organize one here


    I think it's a little optimistic to expect a crowd at a bi-weekly key signing event. I'd be thrilled if there was one in every 3 months.

    I agree that there isn't much going on at biglumber, unfortunately.

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