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Thread: grub slow to load - problem??

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    grub slow to load - problem??

    (re)installed ubuntu 12.04.2 (amd64) - but system is still much slower to boot (vs when ubuntu first installed, and vs when previously booting to windows). System otherwise now apears stable. Any ideas as to why the boot process is now so slow, and anything that might be done to speed it up, much appreciated.

    GRUB quite suddenly became slow to load - wondering if this is a sign my installation might collapse?
    Might installing FireFTP 2.0.13 ( have triggered problems?
    (Have since deleted this thing - was a doh! moment, when all I really wanted to do was run sftp from terminal to logon to a server.)
    Also, not quite sure how i ended up with edubuntu - just wanted to download some software for the kids then, next boot I'm apparently in a different distribution. hmm.

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