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Thread: No chance to select which operating system to boot

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    Smile No chance to select which operating system to boot

    Hello experts,

    I downloaded the latest Lububtu (at least it was 2 weeks ago) Iso. Then I booted from the CD, checked if there are any errors on the disk, but happily there were none.
    Then I made a partition of 15 or 20 gigs for Lubuntu and the rest of the disk space is for my Windows 8 installation.
    Lubuntu installed without any errors, but when the laptop is booting there is no chance to select which OS to load. It is always Win 8 loaded.
    So I thought to install Lububtu again because there were an error or something but he told me that Ubuntu is already installed. I choose to remove it and install it again on the same disk space but the problem remains the same.

    Can anybody give me an advice what I'm doin' wrong?

    Thank you a lot for your help!!

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    Re: No chance to select which operating system to boot

    Hello flo89.
    It sounds like Grub was not installed. Just a few questions.
    After you downloaded Lubuntu did you check the md5sum before you burned it to the cd?
    Did you burn it (not copy) at a slow speed? Sometimes burning at a higher speed causes bad burns.
    How did you install Lubuntu? (Was it a standard install, WUBI, etc)?
    When you created the partition, did you do that in Windows or from the CD?
    Did you try Lubuntu before you tried to install? How do you know that Lubuntu installed without errors?
    Have you ever booted successfully into Lubuntu?
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