Jeezzz, where do I begin. I'm running 12.10
It started with a warning notice that my / "root Partition" was at 96% full. I checked it with Gparted and sure enough. I did some reading on resizing the partition but then I thought well maybe I've just got too might old **** on my computer.
So I had a look in the software center and yes I found multiple image editors, MP3 players and some other stuff. I also noticed I had multiple programming editors, from when I was looking at trying some of out. I see I have python 2.7 and 3.2 so I go ahead and uninstall python 2.7. I get a window that says these files will also be affected.I don't check it and just say go ahead.

I lost unity and any way of using the computer. I manage to reinstall unity, but it is very unstable I also lost other programs. My windows are now flat and with color almost like in some sort of safe mode. I just turn my computer back on and it said could not log in to "ubuntu". When I got into terminal mode (ctrl + f2) I found unity was not installed, so I did apt-get and manged to get back into my desktop.

My / root partition is at 85% ( 4 Gb swap + /home 354Gb unused). So I am wondering do you think It is acting up beccause it doesn't have enough space on / i.e. not saving unity OR did I mess up the system with un-installing stuff (stuff I thought was redundant, mind you).

I would love some advice on this.