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Thread: Unable to Install Ubuntu 12.10

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    Question Unable to Install Ubuntu 12.10

    Hi everyone

    First of all, I want to thank you for opening this thread, Im amused about this sensation of community that I can feel here. People willing to help others, just for the simple reason of aiding a fellow user. Thats absolutely great, and sadly its not often seen.

    So thank you in advance

    And I know that this is not the best way to begin my experience in the community (With a problem), But Im facing a huge problem here, and I was not able to fix it.

    I'll explain:

    First, my System Specs:

    Motherboard : M4A88TD
    HDD: WD Caviar Black 640gb
    CPU: AMD 955 x4
    GPU: nVidia GTX 460
    Memory: 4gb DDR 3 Ripjaws

    Well, I wanted to make a cleaning on my HDD; Have been using Win7 for 3 years, and wanted to switch to Win8. I did that 3 months ago, and everything went just fine. But last week I got interested in Ubuntu, and I decided to give it a try, In fact, I got interested in Linux, and searching, I made my decition towards Ubuntu, cause its said that is one of the best for Linux Begginers.

    I decided to start a clean installation again. I formated the disk, and installed Windows 8 allocating 75gb for it.

    That went great, no problems.

    But the probem began when I tried to install ubuntu. I have read some guides about ubuntu installation, and I cant see whats wrong.

    This is what happens: (Many problems =S)

    - When booting from Ubuntu 12.10 CD-Rom, sometimes the booting freezes, (You know the part when Ubuntu loads, with the five white and red dots), yap, just freezes, randomly, couldnt find a pattern, or a reason for that.

    - Sometimes it gets through the Booting, but when I select to install, I can reach to "Preparing to Install Ubuntu", when I have to choose if I want to update during installation, or if I want to install 3rd party software. When I choose Next, it just freezes, or at least do nothing. Let it there for about half an hour and nothing.

    First I thought it was a CD problem, so I burnt a new one. Happened the same.
    Then, maybe the Downloaded ISO, I said, and again nothing.

    Maybe the CDRW , so I mounted the iso in a pendrive, even that didnt work.

    Same problems with every single attempt.


    Tried to do everything again, formatting the disk, installing again windows 8, but nothing. Erased everything again, and I went directly for Ubuntu, but nothing, same problems.

    But the weirdes thing is that I managed to get a copy of Ubuntu 10.10, and IT WORKED; I can not find a logical reason for all this.

    Do you have any ideas guys?; I have no good internet connection, and if I try to update Ubuntu 10.10, I get errors everytime due to the connection, which makes it almost impossible to me to update it.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks again..

    Today I tried to install fedora 18, and guess what, it randomly freezes, and it gets stuck in some part of the installation, just like ubuntu.

    Really dont know what to do.

    Thanks, and any help would be appreciated

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    Re: Unable to Install Ubuntu 12.10

    Duplicate here:

    Please do not post duplicate threads - it dilutes community help.

    Thread closed.
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