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Thread: Connect through proxy server to internet?

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    Connect through proxy server to internet?

    In the near future I will be setting up a small, private demonstration using approximately four Ubuntu machines, from very old to very new. (Also an android tablet and android phone, but they are a different question in future maybe elsewhere). This will be in a facility which requires connection to the internet via their proxy server (a UK school). Someone will be on hand to help make the connection, both via wifi and wired ethernet. I will takemy own ethernet cables and an ethernet hub (which was said to be probably preferred rather than a switch).
    For Ubuntu 12.04, I would be grateful for some comments about the necessary configuration. The technician who will be on hand on the day is certainly Windows experienced but is probably unskilled with Ubuntu, so I would like to know enough in advance to be able to make myself useful.....
    For example, in the attached screenshot of Network Connection 2, I cannot see any reference to a possible proxy connection (?) What happens with a wired connection etc?
    Wireless - similar questions.
    Are any web browser configurations needed in this sort of situation? (Firefox, at least, in Ubuntu)
    The school IT head said that experience showed that occasionally, some wirelss chips (mentioned broadcom, thinking aloud) (presumably laptops) did not connect well, but was not clear about the reasons.
    So, I would be grateful for comments and general pointers for connecting via such a proxy, using either ethernet cable or wireless (integrated in laptop, and or usb wifi dongle) the laptop/s and USB wifi all are used with Ubuntu 12.04 so compatibility is not going to be a problem.

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