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Thread: Xubuntu Server two hard disk setup best approach?

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    Xubuntu Server two hard disk setup best approach?

    Hi there trying to setup a Xubuntu Server basically going with this distro as being new to Ubuntu I find the CLI daunting I am currently stumped on how to partition the disks.

    So currently where I am I have a dual Core AMD Shuttle

    I have 2x250Gig Sata Hard Disk's the only goal I really have is to have some kind of data share in which I can store media. If you were setting up a system with similar amount of drives how would you do the initial setup partition wise?

    I need to have some kind of redundancy on the media share I am willing to learn but find concepts like software raid and LVM very daunting people have pointed me towards documentation in the past but it really just goes over my head.

    So if somebody could write me a guide or instructions or point me in a tutorial of a similar configuration I would really appreciate it. I would like to oneday devise a blog about my journey with this configuration as a way of helping others make the transition from Windows To Ubunutu

    Thanks for you time

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    Re: Xubuntu Server two hard disk setup best approach?


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