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Thread: Updates - What level of trust?

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    Updates - What level of trust?

    Dear all,

    (Hopefully) A quick question

    Being a ubuntu 12.10 noob, I was wondering - do I just blindly install updates as they become available?
    -Are they all tested & trusted?
    -Will they definitely improve things or have updates been known to make things slower / worse?

    What do the rest of you folk do regarding updates?



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    Re: Updates - What level of trust?

    Gareth Edwards; Hi !

    I can only offer my experiences.
    I have always accepted all updates, though not blindly. I always look and see what is to be updated. I have never experienced a problem myself with any updates.
    Keep in mind your system's kernel is tailored to your hardware if you have not enabled/added sources from outside of ubuntu, then all updates remain tailored to your system. In the event that you do have proprietary software and/or outside PPAs it a horse of a different color. It then is on you to maintain and keep up with what results from updates !

    my 2 pounds worth

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    Re: Updates - What level of trust?

    If you're using the default set of repositories, they're pretty safe.
    If you've added the "proposed" repository or any PPA repos, then you might have troubles.

    This is based on about 5.5 years of Ubuntu experience.

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    Re: Updates - What level of trust?

    Quote Originally Posted by Gareth Edwards View Post
    -Will they definitely improve things or have updates been known to make things slower / worse?
    Regressions are not unheard of. Particularly kernel updates are known to break things from time to time and that's why older kernels aren't automatically removed (so that you could revert to a previous version).

    LTS versions are generally less likely to receive broken updates.

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    Re: Updates - What level of trust?

    The repositories from Ubuntu can be counted on with very, very few exceptions. Some software you install may have brought into use their own repositories (Google Chrome and the Google Voice & Video plugin, Skype, VirtualBox all come to mind). Using software (and updates) from these sources is no different, I suppose, from installing and updating software on another OS; Ubuntu just has the massive advantage of having most or all of your software come from their own repositories which are well tested and secured.

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