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Thread: Switch from PCIe wifi card to USB TP-LINK TL-WN723N causing huge throughput loss

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    Unhappy Switch from PCIe wifi card to USB TP-LINK TL-WN723N causing huge throughput loss

    As my title says, up until a few days ago I was using a Gigabyte GC-WB3000 PCIe x4 wifi/bluetooth combo card. It's a great card that I had no problems with in Ubuntu or Vista. My ISP delivers 25Mbps download and 10Mbps upload (though I typically get more like 23/15). I recently had to free up that slot so I switched back to a USB wireless N dongle, namely a TP-LINK TL-WN723N.

    Since that switch, all network throughput in Ubuntu has slowed to a crawl. When using apt-get install, for example, I'm getting downloads of 20-30 KB/s instead of between 2-3 MB/s as I was before (depending on the server, of course). Even surfing the internet is painfully slow.

    I'm using Ubuntu Server 12.10 x86_64 with kubuntu-desktop package installed (I don't know if that offically makes it 'kubuntu' or not -- I just prefer KDE and that's how I was told to get it). It's dual-booted with Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit, which has had no problems whatsoever with both the Gigabyte and the TP-Link cards. A result in Windows shows the speeds I listed above as typical from my ISP, whereas in Ubuntu the connection is so slow it can barely even load the test.

    The TL-WN723N is using the rtl8192cu module as far as I can tell. I've included links to my pastebin of the following commands:

    sudo iwlist scan
    lsusb -v

    I know the last one is very long, but I'm only familiar with | grep which seems to only give one line at a time, not a whole section. If someone can guide me on how to do that I can shorten it. By the way, I'm still a relatively new user of Linux but I'm a fast learner and I've been using command line interfaces for a long time. I'm happy to add any more pastes if needed. I like to learn what I'm doing as I'm doing it so an explanation of what commands are being used is appreciated too.

    I've looked around but nobody seems to have had the exact same problem... mostly people unable to connect at all or very slow speeds with PCI cards because of a PCI driver issue etc... any and all help is very much appreciated!!


    EDIT: After a bit more research (this page) it seems that someone else had success using rtl8192su instead of cu. I have another PC in my bedroom that was using this USB wifi stick with rtl8192cu -- I had to make the driver using the That seemed to work fine with that computer (which is running ubuntu 12.10) but the same driver on this computer is giving me trouble. Granted, that link is for Linux Mint, but that distro is based off of ubuntu isn't it?

    Also, this thread mentions another driver being installed to solve a different problem with the same stick. Sorry for the info overload, I'm just eager to troubleshoot. Thanks again anyone.
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