I've long played WoW on multiple distros using Wine. My trick was to install all my windows software in its own partition which I would mount to ~/.wine/drive_c/Programs during startup. This successfully isolated the Windows software for use in multiple editions of Wine, under different distros, and I didn't have to install WoW (or anything else) over again for every distro and/or release. Since I am an inveterate distro-hopper using a shared connection with people who can get really unhappy if I hog all the bandwidth, this was important to me.

But I want to do something similar with regards to Steam, that is, have a patition dedicated to it, that can be used by multiple distros/releases.

Where would its mount point be? My current guess is that I could use ~/.local/share/Steam (most of the links in ~/.Steam appear to point there) but I am not sure.

Does everything needed go in there?

Is anything in there (or ~/.Steam) that is distro- or release-specific? Does anybody have any thoughts?