This is probably in the wrong section, but I don't really know where it goes.

I have not idea how this happened. I had an account that I didn't need anymore so I used system settings to delete it. Somehow, instead both that account and my administrator account were deleted even though that's not supposed to be possible.(I think it happend when because I clicked delete twice after I thought it didn't work the first time.)

I noticed it when I saw that my background was missing and I couldn't open any other programs. Also the menu and the upper right corner didn't show anything. I manually restarted the computer and now I have no accounts. The login just tells me to enter my username and password. That doesn't work and says my username and password are incorrect. Is there any way to retreive my account or my files, or am I screwed? (I told it to delete the files from the account I was trying to delete).

Also I think this is a glitch, although I don't think there's much left(if the files are competely gone) to report with. I did have some files that would be nice if I could get back, but it won't be the end of the world if I can't get them back.

I will do a reinstall at the end of Monday (March 11, 2013 10:00 pm EST) if I don't get any replies. It's nothing personal, I just really don't have much time to wait. Anyway, thank you in advance to anyone who tries to help me. And sorry if this isn't very organized, this all just happened and I'm not thinking clearly.