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Thread: "Could not write bytes: broken pipe" error in Lubuntu 12.04

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    Question "Could not write bytes: broken pipe" error in Lubuntu 12.04

    Hello, I have a Dell Inspiron 600m and wanted to start using Lubuntu because it will work better seeing as it is an older system, and here is what happened:

    -Tried installing Lubuntu 12.10, get 'PAE' error
    -Found solution online, needed to install Lubuntu 12.04 then update with some modifications
    -Installed L 12.04 alongside WinXP

    -But when I try to boot into it, it briefly displays the Lubuntu logo, then goes into code.
    -The first line is: "Could not write bytes: broken pipe"
    -There are other lines after it, and I can list them here if they are relevant
    -There is no place for me to write anything to get any sort of error/message log, the only place that I can type anything is on the same screen where the error message is displayed.

    -Is there any work around for this problem? Any help is appreciated
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