I went from Razer DeathAdder to Logitech G400 after my DeathAdder got braindead (firmware problem that apparently many have had). From my experience G400 is a better mouse but the mouse mat I have doesn't match as well with it as the DeathAdder did, rendering me with worse precision in quick movements.
The price for Razer products over here are more than for equally good Logitech product, so I'd go with them every time. Plus Razer has some online activation junk on their mice now from what I gather, which I'd sway away from.
In the end, the best performance is made by the best mouse mat + mouse combination. A good mouse mat and a good mouse which do not match well can render you unhappy (unless if you are unable to realize the lack of precision.. then you are going to be very happy about owning cool mouse and a mousemat without realizing how bad it really is).