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Thread: PS3 Sixaxis Issues

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    PS3 Sixaxis Issues

    So I upgraded to Ubuntu 12.10 from 10.04 because it seemed that the PS3 controller seemed to work via USB on 12.10. Still hated upgrading -.-. The issues stands at this. Yes. the PS3 controller seems to be working but when I try to map my emulators and such to use the PS3 it will randomly input a button before I get to map mine. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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    Re: PS3 Sixaxis Issues

    Disable the accelerometers. In QTSixA it's just an option, I used to know how to do it in config files, but the files have changed drastically since then.

    Here's what I wrote at one time, if you can't do it the easy way with QTSixA here's a starting place:


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