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    UEFI help

    Hi, linux newbie here.

    I've installed the ubuntu-based Mint, and now I cannot boot into Windows.
    I'm satisfied with the system and I wouldn't really care about that if I could optimize battery life (still working on it).

    Asus laptop. 64Bit OSes, both Mint and Windows 7.
    Two 1TB hard drives (=2TB worth of space).

    The laptop didn't come with a recovery CD.
    Nor is the recovery partition working (messed up batch files, I tried fixing it several months ago but decided that it's not wroth the hassle).

    The error is
    "invalid EFI file path"

    I've already run Ubuntu's boot repair from the live cd.
    But that doesn't really help.

    I'm following this guide:

    Here are the logs
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