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Thread: Best games on ubuntu

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    Cool Re: Best games on ubuntu

    Quote Originally Posted by TheKrieg View Post
    I have found many good games, some you have to compile yourself, but are way worth it

    • Warzone2100 : (Compile the latest version from the site, the version in the USC is out of date)
    • Xonotic : (Might be in the USC, but will most likely be out of date. You can get it from the site, no need to compile, they did it for you.)
    • Minecraft : (Written in Java, runs anywhere. You may need to replace the LWJGL natives and Jars with the latest for it to work.)
    • Battle For Wesnoth (In the USC)

    I hope you like some of these. The first two are my favorites.
    That first one should be www.wz2100.NET.

    Just sayin'.

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    Re: Best games on ubuntu

    wow there are so many games in Linux, it has been rapidly developed during recent years...

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    Re: Best games on ubuntu

    At the moment I'm hooked on Dungeon Defenders.
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    Re: Best games on ubuntu

    I say minecraft its the best thing that EVER happen for ubuntu......its just soooooooo good....minecraft rocks....

    Just go 2 n find n click on download and then say show all platform n choose linux platform n ur sorted!!

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