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Thread: nfs underground 2

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    nfs underground 2

    Hi i am new with Ubuntu and i would just like some help with finding a way to download and play underground 2. any help would be appreciated and thank you.

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    Re: nfs underground 2

    To play Windows-only titles such as NFS Underground 2, you will need something called Wine.

    You may open your Ubuntu Software Center and install Wine from there, or you could use an easier alternative which is PlayOnLinux.

    You can get PlayOnLinux for FREE here:

    There is also the paid-for alternative which is CrossOver. I use CrossOver everyday, and it's just easier. The cost can be a bit steep for some, but I've been using it for 2 years now. Very much worth it.
    You can get CrossOver here:

    You can try a Trial version of CrossOver from here:

    I don't know where NFS 2 Underground is sold online, but there are still retail copies around. If you searched your nearest gamestore, you'd probably find one.

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    Exclamation Re: nfs underground 2

    I have been a Crossover user for 4 1/2 years now, and continue to support it; Crossover sales are what funds the continuing development of wine.

    That said, I find somewhat better results (usually, but not always) using PlayOnLinux, which uses scripts which download the particular version of wine that best works with what you're trying to install. PlayOnLinux has a raft of scripts for a raft of Windows programs.

    So, I might add, does Crossover, and, again, Crossover sales keep the development of wine going.

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