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Thread: How can I take the image of ubuntu 12.10 ????

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    How can I take the image of ubuntu 12.10 ????

    OOOOOOO boy I have my great ubuntu all works fine and I love it.
    Now I have got a new computer I want to move all the googies installes on my old computer to the new.
    That sound to me like to create an image of my current computer then install it on the new.
    How is this done in Ubuntu12.10 world ?
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    Re: How can I take the image of ubuntu 12.10 ????

    One way to do it is to use Clonezilla -- to image off the current Ubuntu setup. You would need to burn a bootable CD of it -- which is explained at the Clonezilla website. You need that CD to boot from to then "restore" the image to the new PC.
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