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Thread: Scroll wheel on mouse

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    Scroll wheel on mouse

    Hi . I using Mint 13 .How to setup mouse wheel on higher speed ?
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    Re: Scroll wheel on mouse

    Change wheel speed is not supported in Mint.
    Currently it's not possible to change the scroll speed of the mouse. It would be very, very nice to have this functionality.
    From what I've read this issue has been open since 2001. It's ridiculous that this has to take such a long time.
    Could this feature be added for Linux Mint? I know this may well boil down to a Gnome/GTK issue anyway but so long as they're not doing anything a workaround could be provided by default.
    Read this post, for more information:
    And by the way, this is ubuntu forum, not mint..

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    Re: Scroll wheel on mouse

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    You might check for support for your distro.
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