hi, i've just within the last hour or so installed 12.10 on my late 2012 mac mini.

i'm looking to utilise it for xbmc and a tv server (possibly with myth), however i am failing at the very first hurdle it would seem.

i can't get wireless or ethernet working, i read some posts about it not having a driver, all the posts i have read the fixes all start with installing dkms

i've tried sudo apt-get install dkms and it says unable to locate package, then i found another post about there being a dkms package on the installation disk under pool/d/dkms.

i clicked it and the package manager thing opened up, but the install button is greyed out and won't let me press it.

so my question is, how can i get either wireless or wired internet access (or local lan access for that matter) with my mac mini running 12.10 ?