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Thread: Did Anyone Ever Dream About Ubuntu?

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    Talking Did Anyone Ever Dream About Ubuntu?

    OK, for the past year or so. Every time I have I dream that has a computer, there is always Ubuntu in my dream too! Like mii trying to install Ubuntu on another computer.

    My first dream I actually remember, I had just after Christmas last year, and in the dream, I was in the woods, and there was a tree house, with an old computer in it. I think this computer had like Windows 2000, or Windows Millennium, if I remember correctly. The computer was rarely used, so I just happen to have a Ubuntu CD, and installed it anyway. How the computer had electricity and Internet excess, I don't know. It had internet excess because, I downloaded extra packages/apps.

    Last night, I dreamed I was at a house with another family, and there was someone's laptop with Windows XP, and there was an error with his BIOS and I had to fix it, and that was weird, because the BIOS looked very different. The laptop would still boot up, but would take longer becuase it would show errors in the BIOS. There were also two Macbook laptops (in two bedrooms, I guess each person in the house had their own laptop) and I tried to install Ubuntu on one, but it didn't work, lol. It probably didn't work, because I heard of people having problem getting it to install on a Mac, also I tried to (in real life) but it didn't detect the CD.

    There were more dreams, but I can't remember them.

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    I've dreamed of using Kubuntu 3.0. I've also played video games in my sleep.
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    Re: Did Anyone Ever Dream About Ubuntu?

    Having Nightmares about this been a Nightmare Thread::
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