i have been able to do dozes on these installs on 2tb drives, this is my first time doing so on 3tb drives and for the life of me i cant get the system to boot.

my best understanding is that grub2 installs perfectly on the 2tb drives due to mbr and because 3tb need gpt it doesnt have the same behaviour

i have made a 100mb partition on each drive and made it bios_grub, then its a 16gb partition on each drive for swap, then a 30gb partition on each that i make into a md device and a 4th with the remainder of the storage for another md device. i have been able to install grub on the 100mb partitions /dev/sda1 /dev/sdb1.

bios is set for ahci

at this point i am at a loss as to why i cant get this to work. any help would be appreciated.