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Thread: Symptons of a security compromise

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    Symptons of a security compromise

    Are these symptons of an information security compromise?

    1. Some guy is able to monitor your network traffic

    2. He is able to view files on your computer

    3. Your ADSL-router/modem is acting weird (WIFI gets mysteriously turned on and such)

    I am a very important person, and I am transferring some highly confidental information. I fear, I may be in immediate danger.
    I use Linux Mint 13 LTS.

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    Re: Symptons of a security compromise

    Moved to Other OS/Distro Talk.
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    Re: Symptons of a security compromise

    Sounds like you really should lock down your wifi and/or computer.

    Once someone has access to a network, they can do whatever they want, provided you have not configured any security for things like VNC.
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    Re: Symptons of a security compromise


    Your issue, if it actually is one and not a drive by, is to do with Linux Mint.

    While we are happy to help others - creating accounts within an hour to post on two seperate forums - neither of which is anything to do with the other - makes me think driveby.


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