Hey, i'm currently studying in france and in the residence i am staying in they broadcast 2 wifi's. One on 802.11g and one on 802.11a. the 802.11g one is reallly crappy but the 802.11a one is pretty good. This is good for me at the moment, as my laptop, an oldish toshiba can pick up 802.11a. But soon my new dell will be arriving (sadly not with ubuntu on it but that doesn't matter) which i know cannot detect 802.11a. Is there anyway i can use my toshiba to broadcast the 802.11a wifi on a bandwidth which my dell could recieve?

I'm aware this may be a very stupid request, but i am quite a beginer at ubuntu and not hugely technological so i'm not really sure. Any help would be much appreciated.

THanksss, lex x