Hello there,

I join elite group where people have lost the data - with a few twists.

I was trying to clone Windows 8 partition from HD1 to HD2 using clonezilla. The target drive HD2 had two partitions. The windos 8 partition was successfully cloned, and then I noticed that it started cloning second partition of source HD1 into second partition of target HD2. I aborted the process but the damage had been done. some 7 GB of data had been already written into the target HD2/ partition 2.

I need to recover stuff from second partition of target HD2. It is 830 GB partition which has all my photographs, home videos, movie collections and music. Data is close to 790 GB.

I used photorec and scalpel, but these programs are recovering stuff with no names or directory structure. Every thing is dumped in few directories. Thats huge headache to sort out when I talk of 790 GB worth of files!

So, is there something that can help recover files with some semblance of original directory structure? Is there something that can be done here?? Its a huge huge digital loss staring at me.