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Thread: ACPI event definitions for Fn+ keys

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    ACPI event definitions for Fn+ keys

    Hi all,

    I'm using Karmic, and was wondering where the default (out of the box) events for Fn+key hotkeys are defined.

    My Fn+F4 key is currently mapped to some event (the screen just flickers when I press it) and I wanted to remap it. I assumed hotkey presses would be handled by acpi events as mentioned in the wiki. However, there is no event defined in /etc/acpi/events which deals with my Fn+F4 key (acpi code 80), but xev still registers an event when I press Fn+F4. Can anyone tell me where the default scripts for handling Fn+ hotkeys are located?

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    Re: ACPI event definitions for Fn+ keys

    Karmic? That is not supported anymore (ended April 2011). See #hetis2013 (Dutch joke, sorry)

    So, wouldn't be better to get a current, supported Ubuntu version?

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    Re: ACPI event definitions for Fn+ keys

    The original post is over a year old. Thread closed.


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