Hello to all- This is my first post, and in hopes of avoiding public humiliation, have spent two days researching similar problems with no success.

I am attempting to install 12.10 from a livecd download. The computer is an HP a320n which had been running Win XP until a HDD crash. I pulled and re-formatted an old drive which had Win 95 installed. When the 12.10 CD is installed, the drive activity light goes on, the drive does a track search, and after about 30 sec of searching, gives an error message saying that the CD is not bootable and that I should install a bootable source and try again.

The 12.10 CD is a good download since I can install it on another computer running Win XP with no problem. Everything works as expected.
The target computer is good since it will recognise a bootable (old Win ) CD, and would proceed with installation if allowed.

Computer - HP a320n
Proc - Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz single core.
Mem - 1.5 Gb

The main chunk of information I'm looking for is whether this should work. Is the download expected to work on a non-Win machine or does it look for a previous installation?

Hoping for a stupidly simple answer....