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Thread: To many browsers

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    To many browsers

    What up guys, using Ubuntu 12.4.2 and have Google Chrome that I use regularly, but there is also a Google-Chrome-Stable and Firefox on the machine. I keep getting these big long updates for both stable and Firefox. How do I at least get rid of the Stable cause I don't need two editions of Chrome.

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    Re: To many browsers

    Well you must have installed them yourself, since Ubuntu only has Firefox by default. Are you sure you aren't confusing one of those Google Chromes with Chromium, the open source version of Chrome that is in the default repositories?
    In any case, to get rid of one of them, open the Ubuntu Software Centre and look for "Firefox", "Chromium" and "Chrome" or "Google Chrome", it's very easy to just uninstall the ones you don't want.
    Also "Google-Chrome-Stable" may actually be your install of Chrome: Google's software package names differentiate between "Stable" and various development versions of Chrome.
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