being a relative beginner at this game I would like the forum's suggestions on installing ubuntu studio across two disks. I am building a system for image and video editing, mostly, and will be fresh-installing on one 120Gb SSD and one 500Gb HDD. I would hope to end up with a seamless solution where I keep system and programme files on the SSD and all the data files on the HDD, but without having to think twice about the matter once everyting's installed. In other words keeping a file system GUI that I am familiar with, where both units mount automatically and where files are saved simply by aiming and shooting, no extra clicking, no finding the media disk, no having to assign a location to save outside of 'home' every single time, etc. I think you all understand what I'm talking about. Can this be done, and more to the point, 'Can I do it?'. With help from the forum I feel confident that I could. But How?