Hello all,

Since a couple of days i have problems with my network from Windows 7 to my Ubuntu 12.10, it seems to be very slow with opening files/saving file over LAN.
I disabled IPV6, i deleted my wireless connection but still it is very slow.

When i do a speedtest on my machine i get around 30MB/s download and around 3MB/s upload, on my Windows machine it is 30/30 wich it should be.
I have installed ifstat to see the traffic on the ubuntu machine but its around 5kb in and 0.12kb out.

The weird thing is is that my upload speed, on the Ubuntu machine, is very low, looks like i have a LIMIT or something, but i haven't changed any settings or so.
Is that maybe the problem that i can't (very slow) write/save files via LAN as well?

I've been searching around the web for solutions but nothing helped yet, i tried different samba settings to disable IPV6 etc.

Thanks for your help!