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Thread: Has anyone ever tried Using TitanTV with mythbuntu?

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    Question Has anyone ever tried Using TitanTV with mythbuntu?

    Has anyone ever tried Using Titan-TV with Mythbuntu?

    On the Titan TV Website it states: TitanTV has been designed for use with most current PVR (Personal Video Recorder) products. With a PVR installed, the recording of shows may be scheduled with a single mouse click.

    You can read it here:

    I am planing to build a Mythbuntu box myself and in the process of gathering information.

    Hope I will be able to help someone else after I have a little experience under my belt.

    Built a few Wind-blows systems and a couple of Ubuntu and Linux but nothing to complex.

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    Re: Has anyone ever tried Using TitanTV with mythbuntu?

    The site you quote seems very vague on 'how it works' and does not mention particular recording software.
    In any case, it seems to replicate the very powerful facilities already built into Mythtv and a far as I know there is no natural interface for it.
    You don't mention your signal source but scheduling information can be grabbed 'off air' or via internet. See:

    This data is then fully integrated with flexible selection criteria (eg record at any time on this channel/any channel). It can also be made available for triggering recordings to a web browser via Mythweb.


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    Smile Re: Has anyone ever tried Using TitanTV with mythbuntu?

    Thanks for the reply!

    Titan has the listings for all sorts of signal sources.
    I happen to live in Las Vegas, NV, USA and we have Cox Digital as our service provider and Titan has these listings plus much more.
    It sounds like you can grab the info with the mentioned software but I was just wondering if anyone had tried it yet.
    I presently do not have a system built yet but am researching the parts I want to use then I will build, install and find out for myself.

    Thanks again


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