Recently I recorded a video (currently rendering for the next 16 hours) which was 2 hours and 50 minutes long but I've edited it down to 1 hour and 30 minutes. It won't be uploaded for a day or two and it will be titled "Can Ubuntu 12.10 Replace Windows 7". The video focuses on me using ubuntu 12.10 fully installed to a 300 gig drive for the first time attempting to do all the things I normally do day to day on windows 7 including but not limited to:

- recording my desktop (some of the video is filmed by a camcorder while most is done using RecordMyDesktop)
- transferring photos and videos from an iPhone and using ubuntu to open/view/edit them.
- playing windows games using play on linux (it could play older games even my windows 7 couldn't play)
- making and printing a document with text, photos and pictures I created with paint programs on ubuntu (installing the printer driver was difficult but it worked perfectly)

The video looked at ubuntu in a very positive light and showed how impressed I was with ubuntu by the end. It have barely any negative parts and really shows how great ubuntu is.

i would like to post the video on this forum by embedding the youtube video but I don't know if I am allowed to post it or not. I feel that in a way comparing ubuntu to windows 7 may be offensive/ not allowed on this forum even though ubuntu performed well against windows 7 in the video. If I am allowed to post it here can I post it to Testimonials & Experiences or is there a better section I could post it to?