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Thread: Multiple 'boot from flash drive' situations playing nice together?

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    Question Multiple 'boot from flash drive' situations playing nice together?

    Hi all!!

    It's been a long time since I've posted, and it's good to see the community still growing I have a rather specific question to ask, and although I'm currently using Linux Mint, I felt it appropriate to ask here as its 1) Ubuntu-based and 2) My question is distro-independent (kinda)

    What I'm wanting to do is use my 32GB SanDisk flash drive as my go-to diagnostic tool. Currently, I have a number of tools on there, as far as the suite of software and a couple of other things that I can't think of right now. I'd ideally like to include a number of different tools on there, but the issue is that each of these tools (as I understand it) will overwrite the boot record of the drive/re-format it to their specific needs. So I really need them all to play nicely with each other.

    I'm wanting to include all of the following on my flash drive (or, if this isn't possible, even in a bootable external HDD [recently purchased a 1.5TB one on sale at Best Buy])

    • Katana (of which I only found one mention after a quick search)
    • suite of programs (an aside - is there any way to have access to all the tools without booting into a Windows environment? I haven't found any indication of such while navigating it)
    • Hiren's Boot CD, via USB of course
    • Linux Multi Boot (ala YUMI or UNetBootin, etc)
    • And perhaps in the future any other suite of tools that I can find that run off bootable USB

    Is my idea just a delusion of grandeur, or is it possible? I understand the logic behind it, but am not intimately familiar with how MBR's/boot records work under Linux.

    I appreciate any help in this task, but would also ask for a mini explanation of what is going on and why so I can gain a deeper understanding and expand my Linux knowledge.

    Thanks in advance!!

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