Hi all,
I've always had help here when I needed it, so I'm hoping someone can answer a couple questions for me about upgrading my RAM. I have an older computer, non-specific manufacturer or model number as it is custom built. What I do know is I'm running an AMD Sempron 2500+ with 2GB RAM. I need more RAM as I no longer have my laptop and need at least 4GB of RAM and a good 150GB free memory to build Android source I'm planning on building. As I'm dual-booting with Win7, it takes up a lot of my storage space so I'm going to have to figure out how to downsize Win7 to a safe size so I can get more storage here. I need 150 GB more storage. So that is one issue in itself. But I need to upgrade from 2GB RAM to at least 4GB. Can anyone tell me any commands to run to figure out what type of memory my motherboard supports (ie currently has) as I know that for instance if I have DDR then I cant use DDR2 or DDR3. Also is there a way to upgrade my storage without losing everything that's currently stored on my hard drive. I don't know much about Solid State hard drives, I'm sure I can google it in about 5 seconds and find out all about it but it just popped in my head while I was typing this so figure I'd ask, can I install a SSHD and move my Win installation to this, so that my current HDD is free to expand that which my Ubuntu uses. BTW I'm on 12.04 as when I tried to run 12.10 live, it didn't work correctly, I'm guessing because of my old hardware. If anyone could answer the question about finding a way to expand my storage and give me a command to figure out what all my hardware is, I could figure out the compatibility issues on my own. When it comes down to it, I just would like to have all of that storage Win7 is taking up for Ubuntu, without going through all the trouble of deleting my win7 stuff, because its my dad's, and a way to figure out all my hardware specs so I can get online and research what memory I can get that will work properly with my current motherboard. Thanks in advance, I hope this wasn't confusing. I worded it as best as possible.