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Thread: Virtualbox backups - Ubuntu/Windows 7/Windows XP

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    Virtualbox backups - Ubuntu/Windows 7/Windows XP

    Looking for backup software:

    I have been running a dual boot (on 3 computers) of XP and Ubuntu 12.04 for about 5 years. On 2 of these computers Ubuntu is the OS of choice. The main computer runs XP as primary. I have several programs that will only run in Windows. So I must have a computer that runs Windows. Some of the latest updates of these programs will not run in XP. So I have to move to a newer version of Windows.

    After several days, I now have Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit running as the host under Virtualbox. I have Windows 7 64 bit and Windows XP running as guests. Also, I still can boot into my old systems.

    In the past I used Acronis True Image to backup. I have 2 hard drives installed in my computer. I use the 2nd hard drive for backup. I run automatic backups. I backup the OS weekly. After 5 weeks the backups are consolidated into 1 backup. I keep 3 monthly backups. I backup my data partition 3 times a week and keep 9 copies of each. I set this up 3 years ago and have not changed it. A restore has never failed in the 8 years I have used Acronis.

    Acronis will backup ext4 file system, but will not run under Linux. So if I stick with Acronis, I must use Windows 7 as my host.

    I would like to use Linux as my host.
    It seems that most folks use Windows 7 as the host.

    I really like the looks of Back In Time, but it only does data as best I can tell. Mondo Rescue seems to be the only backup that backs up open files. It is not very easy to use. I don't know about running it automatically.

    I will not make manual backups regularly. I have been burned by that too many times. Every few months I make a copy of the 2nd hard drive to an external hard drive. I also use CrashPlan on-line backup.

    What are folks using for OS backkups?

    Ron Spruell

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    Re: Virtualbox backups - Ubuntu/Windows 7/Windows XP

    If you just want to back up the virtual machine, you can simply copy the $HOME/username/.VirtualBox directory to another location. It contains the images of all the virtual machines. Otherwise you can use the "export" function in VB to take snapshots.
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    Re: Virtualbox backups - Ubuntu/Windows 7/Windows XP

    Thanks for the quick response.

    It looks like Deja Dup or Back In Time either one will backup the Home folder automatically. Back In Time seems like it has a more user friendly and flexible gui.

    How would I backup the OS? It seems I made a lot of changes to get Virtualbox to work.


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