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Thread: Bonobo Extreme -- Ubuntu 13.04

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    Bonobo Extreme -- Ubuntu 13.04

    Hi, everyone.

    I'm considering purchasing a System 76 Bonobo Extreme for fulltime development. I am currently working with the development builds of 13.04.

    I'd like to hear of success and or failures running the Ubuntu 13.04 development builds on the hardware platform. I understand System 76 has a suite of utilities for Ubuntu. Any compatibility concerns at present? Most notably, are the System 76 compatible proprietary nVIDIA drivers available yet?

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    Re: Bonobo Extreme -- Ubuntu 13.04

    We just use the standard Nvidia driver available for Ubuntu. There are no vendor-specific drivers in Ubuntu (at least, not with us).

    That said, there are some things that may not work out of the box, and the System76 Driver hasn't been updated for 13.04 yet.
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