I'm new with Gentoo and I got a pretty interesting task to do. Before I start with question, I must tell you that I installed Gentoo once for now, and this installation was successfull - without any problems I'm using Linux a few years, but I didn't meet rolling releases before, so that's my first rolling release distribution. I have also some experience with basic Linux commands, so there isn't problems with this because I understand mostly all of them.

What's my job that I have to do?
First of all I need to install Gentoo on some computer with LiveCD - partitioning, chrooting and other stuff. But during the install instead of compiling the kernel, I need to use kernel which I will get on USB disk and I need to import it into the system. I actually don't know how to do that and what this depends on - modules and what else? Also I don't know how to mount USB disk and what do I have to do after I finish this job - do I need to unmount it and when?

How to export already compiled kernel?
As I mentioned, I already installed Gentoo with compiling kernel, so I would like to copy files which are connected with importing the kernel, to USB disk. Why I need them on USB disk? Because I have to practice importing of kernel on my system so after all I could do that without mistakes.

That's it for now
Thanks to all of you!