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    cant watch film

    I try to watch this film:
    but it doesnt work. I can see the title with the startbutton, which doesnt work, and the window, where the film should play, is black. Normally i can watch anything, no problem. I allowed the scripts for this site, allowed the cookies for the session, but no, it doesnt work. I installed the mplayer from the softwarecenter (usually using vlc, allways worked very well) and installed openjdk 7 with the iceteaplugin. a bit of everything i read on the way through the helpsites. plugins are up to date, only the quick time isnt, but it leads me to mac without linux link.
    Normally a shockwaveflash would ask for playing, its up to date, i checked, but here nothing happens, just nothing.
    Would be very very glad for help, cause this site has a lot of films i would love to watch!
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