Ok so I have a HP Envy m6-1105dx laptop
amd a10 quad-core processor
6gb of ram (about to upgrade to 8)
and other features that really shouldn't matter

point is, there are basically no drivers for support. Here are the issues i'm facing when using my ubuntu on it's own partition

Lack of HDMI support, (it works but with no sound)
Battery life is AWFUL (2 hours on a brand new computer, 1 hour when compiling android roms)
HP CoolSense doesn't work so the laptop gets extremely hot
AMD Turbo-Core doesn't enable either

So I was wondering, do you think it would be better in a virtual machine enviroment to preserve the over all length of the life of the laptop, given the major overheating issue mentioned above.. Also I was hoping my ROMs would compile faster with turbo core, but one thing i was also looking at was the system monitor when compiling, most of the time the processor isnt' using over 50% of it's capability, but using all the RAM, if anyone knows how compiling works will upgrading my ram up to the extra 2gb help on my times, and will turbo core help with my compile times at all? and i'm already assuming my battery life will go down to about 4hrs with a vm because i'm currently getting about 6 on windows.. but about 4.5-5 with performance mode enabled.

thanks for taking the time to read this and i'd love to see your guy's responses