I just installed the Homerun Launcher on my laptop running Kubuntu with KDE 4.10. To say I love it is an understatement. (A Unity-esque interface with more customizability that's built on KDE? Win!) I see I can change the shortcut to launch it if I right click on the icon and click on the launcher settings, but I'm curious if I can change more shortcuts. For example, CTRL + Page Up/Down is what switches tabs within the launcher. Is there a way to customize those keyboard shortcuts to be something different?

Also with Homerun, is there a way to rearrange your favorites? I added about 15 applications as a favorite, which I did because it does not seem as if the type-to-search function spans across other tabs. (that's one area where Unity definitely gets the +1). So if I go into the launcher, by default I'm on the home tab. If I search for Firefox and it's not under favorites (which is in the home tab), it won't find it. I either need to CTRL + Page Down one time to go to the Applications tab, THEN search Firefox, or simply add Firefox to my favorites. But like I said, I'm trying to organize everything that's in my favorites menu. Is this possible? Or is there a way to adjust Homerun's search capabilities to scan across all tabs?