Hello everyone,

I'm doing this little post because I had really hard time doing this.

So here's what I wanted to do :

I wanted to make to have the phone numbers in my Thunderbird Contacts to be cliclable and start automatically Ekiga to call over a Voip provider. I used DiamondCard SIP provider, which is the recommendation of Ekiga folks.

Here's what you have to do:

  1. Go grab TBDialOut extension for thunderbird and install it
  2. Install Ekiga and configure your Voip PC-to-Phone account. Make sure it is default.
  3. In your contacts, make sure to have the right format for the phone numbers. Don't put any "-" or spaces. You normally need to add the country prefix (1 for US and Canada). So a phone number in Canada would look like : 18197895632 (country code, area code, phone number)
  4. After that, you need to ensure that SIP url are handled throught xdg-open :
  5. Open your /home/{user}/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list file
  6. Add this line
  7. Open Thunar or PCManFM in root mode
  8. Go to /usr/share/applications
  9. Copy ekiga.desktop in the same folder and rename it ekiga-call.desktop
  10. Again, in root mode, open the ekiga-call.desktop file
  11. Add that line at the end of the file
  12. Go to the Exec line and replace it with
    Exec=ekiga -c %U
  13. Last, you must configure TBDialOut Extension :
  14. Go to the preferences dialog of the extension
  15. Choose custom URL
  16. Enter the following (changing it if you have another provider than diamondcard)

You are good to go!

For reference here are my sources of Info: