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Thread: printer serving multiple OSs

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    printer serving multiple OSs

    I'm experimenting with sharing a basic USB printer to my network. Hp deskjed d2660.

    One of my windows machines doesn't like the drive that linux seems to like. Is it possible to have a linux, driver, a MS driver and mac driver for one printer.
    Or is the limitation the poor HP driver?

    Edit: I was able to select a different driver in Windows and have that work, but I still wonder about my earlier question.
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    Re: printer serving multiple OSs

    Are you using CUPS and Samba?

    One option with CUPS is to configure the server to use the native Linux driver and have all the clients use a plain Postscript driver. There is an Apple PS driver in Windows that I've used for this task. Otherwise I just install the native drivers for the printer on each client and pass the rendered document to Linux for printing.
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