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Thread: Need help with fsck on mdadm RAID5.........

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    Need help with fsck on mdadm RAID5.........

    Ok, long story short. I had a single drive fail in my RAID5 array. I have already completed the process of removing the failed drive from the array, replacing it it with a new drive, and the array successfully rebuilt over night. Now I am wanting to run a fsck on /dev/md0 just as a precaution. However, I keep getting device or resource busy when trying to unmount:


    I was able to successfully unmount the samba share I had at /export/media-raid.

    After unmounting the Samba share, I went ahead and stop the smbd service.

    What am I missing? Why can't I umount the raid md0 device or /mnt/raid? I have done this once before after a power outage but didn't document it at the time. I need to ensure everything is unmounted so I can run fsck on the /dev/md0 I believe.

    My RAID 5 array contains 4 x 2TB drives and looks like this:

    sudo mdadm cat /proc/mdstat

    Personalities : [linear] [multipath] [raid0] [raid1] [raid6] [raid5] [raid4] [raid10] 
    md0 : active raid5 sdc1[1] sdd1[2] sde1[3] sdb1[0]
          5860540224 blocks level 5, 64k chunk, algorithm 2 [4/4] [UUUU]
    sudo mdadm --detail /dev/md0
    mdadm: metadata format 00.90 unknown, ignored.
            Version : 00.90
      Creation Time : Thu Mar  1 21:56:54 2012
         Raid Level : raid5
         Array Size : 5860540224 (5589.05 GiB 6001.19 GB)
      Used Dev Size : 1953513408 (1863.02 GiB 2000.40 GB)
       Raid Devices : 4
      Total Devices : 4
    Preferred Minor : 0
        Persistence : Superblock is persistent
        Update Time : Fri Mar  8 11:09:19 2013
              State : clean
     Active Devices : 4
    Working Devices : 4
     Failed Devices : 0
      Spare Devices : 0
             Layout : left-symmetric
         Chunk Size : 64K
               UUID : 2068b124:43ab2872:50b15dd6:9583be21
             Events : 0.6543
        Number   Major   Minor   RaidDevice State
           0       8       17        0      active sync   /dev/sdb1
           1       8       33        1      active sync   /dev/sdc1
           2       8       49        2      active sync   /dev/sdd1
           3       8       65        3      active sync   /dev/sde1

    Any help is appreciated. I just want to run a filesystem check to make sure all is good after replacing the failed drive. Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Need help with fsck on mdadm RAID5.........

    Try doing...
    lsof | grep /mnt/raid
    To see if any processes have open files on the array.

    Also can you tell us what output you are getting when trying to unmount.

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    Re: Need help with fsck on mdadm RAID5.........

    Ok, I ran that command and it returned nothing, so there did not appear to be any processes using the device. I reboot the box and unmount everything again, and this time I worked. When I ran fsck I didn't get any messages about it still be mounted and it immediately came back clean, so I think I'm good to go. Something must have had a lock on the device. If this was a windows box I would have rebooted it immediately, but rebooting is my last resort on linux because it shouldn't normally be necessary. Thanks.



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