my Toshiba Satellite P-110 Vista Home Premium packed it in a few days ago.
I used my Ubuntu live disc 10.10, which I had used earlier after a crash, again to save some files.
And this time I even got the wifi working, so I can use it like a real laptop again.
So I tried to install Ubuntu, but that wouldn't work, the laptop cannot read either the origina lOS nor the Ubuntu.
Run it frum a USB stick, I thought, and followed the instructions via System - Administration - Startup Disc Createor.
I understand a USB keeps your settings and updates, etc, in fact, runs like a real OS.
I set the boot to FDD, but then I also get the message; 'Error, no such device'.
When I again open from the CD, I can see the stick contains everything it's supposed to.
Tried the same thing again, with the same negative result.
And now I'm stuck!
Any help is greatly appreciated, but please remember, I don't know anything about Ubuntu and hardly anything about Vista.

Thanks in advance,