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Thread: Ubuntu don't boot with windows 8

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    Ubuntu don't boot with windows 8

    I have windows 8 and was trying to install ubuntu , i installed it alone in another parition not alongside windows , the problem that after installation finished and i restarted ,windows booted and no sign of ubuntu
    I tried the boot-repair and no thing changed

    Any Ideas !?

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    Re: Ubuntu don't boot with windows 8

    Does Windows boot? Script's NTFS driver is having issues mounting NTFS partition. That is corruption needing chkdsk from a Windows repairCD or hibernated system, which you should not have if dual booting.

    And then you do not have grub fully installed. Boot-Repair has an option to uninstall and totally reinstall grub which you may need to run.
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    Re: Ubuntu don't boot with windows 8

    Yes windows 8 boots normally
    I just ran the boot-repair and let it repair automatically !
    I'll try to make chkdsk and reinstall grub and see what happen , thanks for replying


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