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Thread: Graphics drivers performance issue.

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    Graphics drivers performance issue.

    Hello I'm running raring ringtail dev build kernel and I have an asus 6670 1gb graphics card. The open source FGLRX drivers are amazing, work out of the box, unity is fast end fluid compiz works great, yet it cannot play 3D gaming due to the fact that at this fine the open source drivers do not support hardware acceleration, so I installer the closed source AMD 13.1 beta drivers and they work fine on gaming (100+fps doom3) but now compiz is slow and unity is sluggish, when I had the open source drivers installed if said hardware acceleration was on yet whenever I strutted doom3 it would crash or any 3D game, so is there a way to either 1.) improve performance on the closed source drivers or 2.) enable 3D gaming on the open source drivers?
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