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Thread: Minecraft server set up

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    Minecraft server set up


    I got a server and I installed Ubuntu on it since the WHS only allowed 8GB when I had 16GB, anyways I am seeing if there is somebody who could help watch over me while I try to set it up so I can make sure I get it right?
    All I need is them to tell me what to do while I do it so I can remember how to do it again the next time.

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    Re: Minecraft server set up

    It should be fairly simple to set up a vanilla Minecraft server. Make sure you have Java installed and download the JAR from their website. You usally have to play with the ports in your router as well.

    Download for .jar file:

    Wiki guide:

    If you follow that guide you should have no problem. One thing I should mention is that you can easily find your router information (login/password) by doing a internet search on the model number or by calling your ISP. Resetting your router usually resets your login information as well.
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