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Thread: Ethernet driver and the patch file

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    Ethernet driver and the patch file

    hi there, i've had to go all the way up to kernel 3.8 to get my much desired hd-audio passthrough working with my intel hd4000 in a mac mini late 2012 quad core i7.

    I'm on ubuntu 12.10 with kernel 3.8.0 generic.

    Unfortunately it means that the fix in this thread which worked in earlier kernels, no longer works for me, one of the devs over at xbmc gave me a patch file which he says he used to compile this very driver in 3.7 and it worked for him.

    and herein lies my question, i've tried patch -u patch.txt and

    patch -Np1 --ignore-whitespace patch.txt

    both with the two files in the same folder (patch.txt just being what i personally called the copy/pasta from the paste bin)

    both of which i've gleaned from google, but i keep getting hunk errors (i know i'm irresistible, but hunk is a little over flattering)

    can anyone please point me in the right direction please on whether i'm missing out on a naming convention, a placement of the files prior to patching or something else altogether ?

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    Re: Ethernet driver and the patch file

    Not a direct answer, but have you tried Ubuntu 13.04 daily build? Maybe it works for both your hd-audio and your ethernet hardware?

    I'm running 13.04 for two weeks now, and it feels very stable. Better than 12.10.


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